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gearbox and motor upgrade

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I have a We katana Raptor that i'm looking to run on11.1 lipo batterys so i'm looking to upgrade the motor and gearbox can anyone please recommend a really heavy duty gearbox and motor that will fit without modifications please.

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In a word......




you got a nice gun so go easy on it

tuning or go faster stripes/neon lights underneath or just general pimping up ya gun inside is NOT EASY !!!!


The sound advice is keep it to a rof in the 20's - honestly

reason - it will break quicker - fact

the mags that work ok very likely likely won't feed at silly higher speeds

more speed on higher springs to avoid PE will generate more heat and wear

more volts/amp/current or I just use the general term - juice, more juice will melt your trigger contacts


As a rough guide to moderate boost....


7.4v lipo to 9.6v without a mosfet on stock motor

you can swap the motor to a shs torque but for trigger contacts keep her to 7.4v or 9.6v absolute max


Don't use shs torque with 11.1v lipo - without a mosfet at some stage...


I would run the gun for a while trying to get a rof of up to 20rps - that is plenty

you won't have any real problem, the gun will last longer and mags will feed ok


To anybody thinking of going much faster the gun WILL wear quicker, mags misfeed

plus a jammed bb running at higher speeds can cause major failure

everything inside the box has to run so damn smoothly and a lot of experience is required to even get close to this

(which I have so much to learn)

my own recent rebuild I am going to probably drop from 30+ on 7.4v to about 25-26 using a shs torque as it just seems to mesh better with gears

(plus hoping the mid 20's will mean it should last a bit longer - but I'm still not 101% happy with it even after spending a lot of time on her)


Trust me - as an expert in breaking more guns than I have fixed/bodged - Go very easy and read up a bloody lot

You have a nice gun that wasn't a cheap Combat Machine or something - so don't f*ck it all up by trying to take the pi$$ like I have done so many many times

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Thank you for your advice i will take it. I'm going to use an equivalent to a M100 and a M110 spring so i just wanted to put a stronger motor and a stronger gear box in it so it would cope easier with the stresses of this

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what is she firing at atm ???


not being funny but if your gun is that katana with 13 teeth sector m100 won't be enough

m110 - might be getting you to about 325 perhaps


on average if your sector/piston - though piston doesn't need to shortstroked usually

but if on average 3 teeth have come off then you are looking at a m115-ish spring to equate to about 375-380 minus 45 (3 x 15fps) = 330/340-ish


you don't need to do anything really if your gun is hitting say 320-330 - even with the spring change system - 20 or 30 fps is nothing

use 0.25's should help improve accuracy - a 9.6v if using nimah


and that is about it


could look at motor change at some point and if/when it drops then can look at opening her up for a few basic tweaks

but that gun should be fine as it is - it is no cheapy starter gun and tbh you or me for that matter could very easily make it worse


So she what she fires at and try to resist the temptation to tweak stuff you don't need to

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