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Strikeforce Badlands Site Map - Abingdon

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I just got back from Strike Force's Abingdon site, Had a Great day, But I noticed there aren't any maps online. It's not a massive issue, Since it's an easy site to get your head around. But I can think of a few instances where knowing our position in relation to other parts of the map could've really helped (Not that you have time to look at a map) And they do have one on site, but it's not uploaded. So I've made a map of the areas we used, Don't know if there are more but these are the most commonly used, and I'll update the map once I've been there more. Your welcome to use it for Videos, Or just as a map etc.



Also, this isn't all that is in play, everything in the Fenced area is the site, so Depending on the gamemode the whole site can be in play.

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What games were there? Were you confined to one part of the field or could you plan your route?


Well, There were 6 games in total over the day, But I didn't do the last one since I was wiped out. First was just a Small Head to Head combat game, Confined to the area around the Red house. Whites start at the right side of the right ammo dump, plains start at the bottom of the bottom Left ammo dump as far as I could tell. I spent the whole game in those trees above the red house, Got one kill.


Next game was Egg hunt I believe... Could've been third game, but that was where we had to collect eggs for different points, and take them back to our spawn at the end of the game. Our spawn was at the left of the main road, enemy's on the other end. Whole map was in play.


Can't really remember the order of the rest of the day - It's all a bit of a blur of different positions and incidents. But there was a Head to head across the entire map. There were two 'Terminator' games, where each team were at each end of the runway, and a Marshal was in the Middle with a really big gun. Which ever team has a Player with their hand on his shoulder, he will shoot for and move towards the enemy spawn. Whichever team's spawn he is closest too looses. The Whole map is in play. However if you take the Woodland ditch rout you end up at the right team's spawn, which we basically wasted the whole game doing. And I did a Magnificent Flip into the mud on the way back, could barely walk after that XD


The last gamemode I didn't do was a Attack/Defend game, Where one team has infinite re spawns, the others have one per defensive point. You know the drill.


It's a great site though :)

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