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Hello, I am a beginner to airsoft gaming. I would like to know more information about that.


Is there any website or forum except for this page to visit.


btw, since I am interested in airsoft gaming, I was planning to made a brief report to serve as my assignment.


I will be thankful for your replies :))))))

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New members or players section...


The guides / stickies


I know people say read or search but they



(wish I read them before diving in and buying JBBG crap)


Honest 99% of what you need to know/ask is there

Welcome btw to grown up toy gun club

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www.google.co.uk <- try here.

www.youtube.com/ <- and here. For gameplay stick to the commercial youtubers, for introductions to the hobby avoid the whiny kids and those wearing tactical gear in videos which are not about their gear. Avoid videos by retailers outside USA/asia.


Don't get fixated on the guns, there are only 4 main types of gun, and after that they are, to the uninitiated ALL THE SAME.



There is a lot to learn, in fact, more than any other sport or hobby, due to the honor system, from watching online gameplay videos. American videos of milsim are the best, their milsims are not all about endurance BS like the UK ones, not say they have the right idea, just that they are closer to our skirmishes than much of our milsim, they milsim is like battlefield, ours (from what I have been told) are like arma.


From the timestamp, i'd put him on another continent.

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