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G&G cm16 or krytac crb??

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Hi just got my ukara so looking for my first gun, at the minute I am torn between the krytac crb or the combat machine cm16 I love the look of the krytac and reviews are really positive but it's at the very high end of my budget.


The cm16 looks good and for the price will allow me to kit it out where as the krytac I would have to run with everything stock. Would like to know what performance gains the krytac would give me for an extra £150 and weather it is worth it over the cm16? Cheers guys.

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Short answer - you would need to spend £150+ to get a CM16 to perform like a Krytac

(wait for the well maybe just £75 or Trigger saying £375....)


Seriously for one second - you buy £150 gun spend £150 more and it is still a f*cking Combat Machine


Don't get me wrong - they are good starter guns and a few tweaks improve but takes time n money


If you want a better gun then it will cost more, like cars & loads of things

If you want a BMW, Audi, Merc, Lexus and can run to it - get one

Don't buy a run of the mill Ford Focus and spend money trying to make it something it isn't

(said run of the mill but yes there is better models like ST RS Cosworth & all the other boy racer stuff etc...)

No offense to Fiesta or any car owners but trying to put it perspective - that' all


First gun if money is tight G&G to say £150 - £200 - no more tbh


The Krytac is built better, shoots better, mosfet, better motor - just better gun

but just coz you got a better gun don't mean you are a better player

Krytac owners now lynch me........


it is a tough choice - me I think if you now got ukara you will be buying more than just one gun

ya G&G will do fine for a while - heck you may go down AK or G36 or M14 or MP5/G3 route


could get a G&G and if you think sod this you will be able to sell it on

or if you really want a decent gun like krytac then go for it - think you can sell on anything decent


just they are different ends so you have to decide just how far you go buying your first gun

(there is still loads of other stuff you can buy with change or just get a gun you wished for)


hope this crap helps a bit - but your decision and your money in the end

In the meantime I'll probably get hunted down by Krytac owners driving Fiesta's

or G&G owners driving a Lexus

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