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Own a RiF by being in a gun club without UKARA License?

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Hi, I was browsing a site called JustBBguns as I am looking for a gun to start to play with in the spring/summer.

I noticed this gun which will be seen as a RiF.

The page had a list of criteria which you had to fill at least one in order to buy one.

One of the criteria said to be part of a shooting club, now, I am a member of a gun club. Would I still be able to purchase this gun?

FYI, This is the criteria on the page:

To buy this item you must have one of the following:

  • Current UKARA membership
  • Membership to a skirmish site
  • Member of a shooting club
  • Airsoft 101 club member
  • Member of a re-enactment group or society
  • A film, television or theatre production company
  • Acting on behalf of a museum
  • Crown Servant in pursuance of your Crown duties
  • Delivery address outside of the UK

IMPORTANT: Proof will be required before this item can be sent to you. If you cannot supply the relevant information a cancellation fee may be charged. For more information please see our terms and conditions.

Thanks for the help!

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If you're over 18 you can get it in two tone, however.


Also; don't buy from any site with 'BB guns' or similar in the name...They're usually terrible.

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Well first you would have to be 18+

(you have to be 18 or over to buy a 2-tone gun)

Next it is down to seller to satisfy themselves the adult purchaser has a valid defense


Yes UKARA is not the only defense but it is the most widely accepted and easiest to verify

(UKARA retailers have direct access to the UKARA database - a more up to date than the self check ukara)


The seller has to decide if the buyer passes the vcra requirements

or they themselves may face action and/or their own ukara being revoked


A gun membership does NOT clearly pass the actual requirements

just because a person holds a valid firearms license or a member of armed forces

that does not entitle them to purchase a RIF


Kind of crazy if you already own a real friggin' gun locked away in gun case

but going 101% by the vcra book it does not guarantee you the right to purchase a RIF airsoft toy gun

(though I would reckon most retailers may at least consider it if joining a airsoft skirmish site and avoid 3 game waiting)


JBBG - they are clowns at best often selling to kids & noobs quite $hit guns at daft prices

often is the first place newcomers buy from - quickly learning it will be the last place on earth they will buy from again


JambWow talks more bollox than me - so I wouldn't hold your breath coz he is fluent in 101% pure bull$hit


Join a club - do 3 games and then buy from a decent retailer rather than some clown talking out of his ar$e

(Jambwow btw - I talk out my ar$e but I'm a pratt not some chubby clown liar bastid)


As for member of shooting club....

my m8 has 30 years experience in IT

but as he is a delivery driver & teaboy for PC World - he is the last person to ask about computer problems

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UKARA is not a licence just a retailer database, which you do not have to be on. This link from New Player Guides & Info is the FAQ on UKARA http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/1254-popular-ukara-questions/.


Read the pinned posts in New Players & Arrivals, it will help answer some questions you may have. http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/forum/11-new-players-arrivals/

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