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old tokyo marui m4a1 carbine, intermittent problem

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hi guys, dusted off my old tm m4a1 carbine, got it when it was first released so quite a few years old now. its got a grenade launcher and custom metal folding stock fitted.


anyway attached battery and fired it a few times in semi, worked fine then nothing. wiggled the battery wires about and it worked again. any idea what i should be looking for?





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motor connections - hmmm - maybe but depends what/where wires were wiggled


very loose tamiya connections - or around fuse ?


loose wire inside box/switch - hmm doubt it


think any joins/connections should be checked first, could be a little corrosion on a loose connector/join is most likely

normally a thin spade connector at front handguard is a good place to start

might have pinched some wires in past so that could be next thing to look for


folding stock so presume ya battery is up front - check for loose corroded joins & pinched wires

also check motor connections in pistol grip - nothing too difficult just common sense and elimination

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My Brother in law just had a very similar problem. Turned out to be the selector plate, got a new one for £7 and job done.


Could be worth checking?

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