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pre engagement ?

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i am looking for some help with my ics m16. i would like to know if i will run into any pre engagement issues with 13:1 gears, asg ultimate U-30000 motor, m100 spring, lonex red swiss cheese piston and an 9.6v battery? would i have to short stroke at all ?

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first you start off with lower volts and see what ya rof is


at 25rps she may run on and double cycle on a m100 setup

at 30rps you will get close to PE


however 13:1 gears won't give you the full expected rof using a ferrite motor

and short stroking often involves more work with a higher spring - m110

and also probably a new lighter piston 3 steel teeth & remove 1 or 2

as stock piston probably only has one steel tooth on it


even though ics have split gearbox you would still need to strip the box down to mod the sector

(yeah I know you will need to do that anyway if fitting 13:1 gears)


personally if you just wanna go easy fit a moderate neodym like shs torque perhaps and check seals AoE etc

should do ya proud without too much fuss and use a 8.4v perhaps


Eventually if you wish then go nutz and fit mosfet gears n piston - but its a bit of work if its your first project

(if not done correctly the box won't last very long trying to hit 25 to 30rps badly assembled)

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If you have to ask the question then the answer is yes. It's unlikely that will be the least of your problems tho.

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suck it and see is the real answer


I don't have that exact same motor I think in my ics's

but motors can really vary in their output in torque and speed

so its very hard to give a 101% answer of what you exact rof will be

(especially as I use just 7.4v lipo's now)


some torque motors are only about the same as good stock ferrite's

others though can run at nearly 50% faster than a stock pulling much more beefier setups/springs/gears

so you could hit 16rps or 24 rps on just 7.4v - a massive range on stock 18:1 gears

(think your ics hits 16-ish, a bit faster than lame G&G motors)


chuck in a 33% ratio increase + a boost in volts on 9.6v and that could add on another 25-30%

if motor/battery is ok pulling spring from still on higher gears


again @ around 30rps pe "may" start to take place, could be a smidge below if piston is really heavy but think 30rps is about my area for concern

besides she will start double firing on semi @ 25rps anyway


on your ics split box - you can do aoe, seals n stuff, fit a mild beefy shs torque without stripping box right down

test volts on say 8.4v and think you will be into low 20's on stock gears without any major headaches

maybe if she is ok then perhaps step up to 9.6v but watch out for double cycling - its ok if it does slightly on a fresh full charge battery maybe

and you got AR release on ics m4's - so no worries about spring being left compressed on a slight over run when you are finished skirmishing


but it is very hard to give exact pinpoint results and yes/no to PE

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