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Painting An Airsoft Gun / RIF

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Hello everybody,

I have a few questions about painting airsoft guns:


1) If I Paint a Rifle Do I need to show a ukra at Events? (Or something Like That)


2)Do you need a Site Membership to Paint and turn up with the gun?


Thank you guys very much,


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Been asked dozens of times


You technically need a defence (such as UKARA) to paint an IF a realistic colour (or remove the two to be paint)


Nobody will ever ask to see your UKARA or site membership at a skirmish because you have an IF or RIF


If by a one in a million chance you do get asked questions, you can demonstrate your defence by showing that you used the RIF for airsoft.


If you want to keep to the letter of the law, wait for your UKARA. If you just want to keep within the spirit of the law, just don't use the RIF for any crime (especially violent crime) and make sure it is kept in a suitable case or bag when you aren't using it so no member of the puvlic/neighbour will have cause for alarm

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