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G&G TR4 CQB-R. chrono?

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Hi all


I am new to Airsoft and once I get my UKARA, I'll be looking to purchase a G&G TR4 CQB-R rifle. I've done some research and seen that it shoots above 350fps. But some shops say 330fps.


Anyone own one and can confirm FPS? Also is it a decent AEG?


Many thanks

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If you buy it in the UK it should be below 350fps. Were the references you saw to higher fps on US websites by any chance ?

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says 330 to 335 on Z1 & Airsoftworld like most G&G's

look on some US sites and it might be smidge over for US market


Most G&G's come out at 330 +/- 10fps from UK Retailers


if you are ultra paranoid - get the seller to chrono it before you buy

and ensure your site limit is within its fps


most are 350 max outdoors but some indoor cqb like The Mall - Reading is 328 to 340 absolute max


edit just beaten to the US market/sites as they do run a bit higher than UK's site limits


Is it a decent aeg - hmmmmmmmm, dunno if I would buy a "regular" looking £300 G&G M4

might go for a 416 type or something else like keymod or other front end


Good brand in the starter range of M4's - no question but £250/300

i'd probably look at others - maybe Krytac ???


But then I like the cheaper stuff to mess about with

G&G are a good make especially at starter to intermediate level - think most will agree on that

£300 could get you a very nice gun but everybody will have their own favourites/choices


I'd be inclined to get a 30th for £150 & spend £50 on tweaks doing it myself

or a Krytac off the shelf ready to go nutz with if in stock - if I wasn't into messing with stuff

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