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Hello from a newbie

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Hi Folks

And a big hello from a newbie in Manchester.


I am a old FAC holder who is now getting back into shooting after a long break. I feel i am to old and decrepit to to play CQB and skirmishing. I want to start up action/practical shooting again. i have found a club NPPC that shoots IPSC and will be attending it.

I cannot find any clubs in Manchester if there is any any info would be gratefully received.




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Hello, and welcome. Unfortunatky cant help you with your club question...

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Welcome aboard :)


Whereabouts in Manchester? I used to go shooting at Cheadle Rifle Club, which is not too far for you. They do (or at least did used to) field target shooting at the weekends, which is not bad fun. Their website:




You might also contact Cheshire Gun Room, which has shops at Stockport and Bolton. They have a lot of links to shooting clubs on their web page, but they'd probably be worth a call to see if they know of more places. Good gun shop actually. Does air rifle and pistol stuff too, including a lot of the Umarex CO2 pistols that most practical shooters use, they have spares for those too:




That's a load of bollox about being too old to do CQB and woodland stuff, loads of older people do airsoft at my local site in Stockport, including me, who will be 50 this year, and there are a lot of decent airsoft sites in and around Manchester.

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