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New Arrival from Derby!

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Hi Guys,


I'm new to the forum and glad there is one out here for Airsofters in the UK.

I'm 17 and from Derby, UK.


I specialise in on-the-field radio communications.


Because I'm not a completely rich guy I usually rent my weapons from the field I'm playing at, however as a general concencus, my clothing is usually Black Boots, Black Combat/Cargo Trousers, Green Shirt, Black NATO Jumper and a Black Tactical Vest.


However, I am very in to Radio Communications and you'll often see me at the field with my own radio setup as well as spares for my team. This is how I originally got into airsoft, I started playing to use my Radio Comms skills in a real-life-like situation.


My local field is Skirmish Airsoft Nottingham who put on some great all-day lasting games.


Please feel free to drop me a message as I'm not shy.


-Michael. A.K.A. Alphoria.


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