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  1. Hi, Feel free to drop me a PM, I'm happy to help you build a free website (domain payment is usually £10 a year however, so it's almost-free). -Michael
  2. I currently own a business license so I have never had to worry about PMR446, I just assumed the output power could be 5w. After looking it isn't.
  3. Apologies! You may be correct, after doing a bit of research the lower output power is 1.7watts! I will keep doing research into this. The Binatones are still Legal. I will request this guide to be removed because I now see the information to be incorrect.
  4. If you use the correct programming software you should be able to change your output power... As I mention I have not tested all of these radios myself so if it doesn't allow you to please let me know. Alphoria.
  5. No problem, will be updating and posting more shortly! I am quite new so I don't want to post stuff in the wrong forums, so let me know if this sort of stuff belongs elsewhere. Alphoria
  6. Hey there, As far as Airsoft locations in Cheltenham go, I'm no expert, but after looking around, the reviews on this location look alright. It does provide Airsoft games as well as laser tag games. I'm new to the forums too so don't really know my way around but am keen to learn! Hope to see you around. -Alphoria (Link: http://www.yell.com/biz/battlesports-glos-longhope-5110373/)
  7. I'm still unsure as to whether I can post this in this forum, but please let me know if I can or can't! Further to my recent post about a guide to buying your first airsoft radio (here: http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/24819-guide-to-buying-your-first-airsoft-radio/), I thought I should let you guys know how to programme them. Here's a guide on how to programme the Retevis H-777 and Baofeng H-888S radios. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XAb1DXZYfHgffQpl-LRmeBElYk3Y-yL_Upz8aK9Xlw4/edit?usp=sharing Many Thanks.
  8. Thanks, I feel posting it direct to the forum reduced the quality. I will be created more and more guides so watch this space! I have posted it directly here though. -Alphoria.
  9. Hi, Chris. I'm Alphoria and I'm also local to Derby! Welcome to the forum, I'm also new so I'm glad to know there's fellow players from Derby around! Alphoria.
  10. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum and glad there is one out here for Airsofters in the UK. I'm 17 and from Derby, UK. I specialise in on-the-field radio communications. Because I'm not a completely rich guy I usually rent my weapons from the field I'm playing at, however as a general concencus, my clothing is usually Black Boots, Black Combat/Cargo Trousers, Green Shirt, Black NATO Jumper and a Black Tactical Vest. However, I am very in to Radio Communications and you'll often see me at the field with my own radio setup as well as spares for my team. This is how I originally got into airsoft, I started playing to use my Radio Comms skills in a real-life-like situation. My local field is Skirmish Airsoft Nottingham who put on some great all-day lasting games. Please feel free to drop me a message as I'm not shy. -Michael. A.K.A. Alphoria.
  11. I have now removed my guide. This is because the information provided has not been expressed to me as incorrect. Sorry about that. Alphoria. ((If a Moderator spots this can you please delete this thread))
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