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Hi from Dorset

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I'm a late twenties typical guy, we just grow bigger, not older :P


I used to live in the good 'ol countryside, and was a dab hand at hunting (.177 and .22 air rifles) with my most common prey being rabbits and wood pigeons. I'm sure this is claimed quite a lot, but I'm a pretty nifty shot with the air rifles, last time I tested my aim was about 7 months ago, where I shot a microsim out of it's card holder from 40 yards using a .177 Stoeger rifle.


To save me prattling on about the good old days, I'll try and remain terse, but long story short, I'm in a much more urban environment now, and rabbits were never very good at urban development, and I've come to rue the days of hunting past. However, I have a friend who has been doing his best at being an airsoft ambassador! he's got me interested in playing airsoft.


I wanted to try out being a sniper for woodland and maybe urban, most likely though, will fill a DM position in urban environments instead. I understand that many people throw themselves into airsoft sniper roles haphazardly, I'd like to assure you guys, that's not the case here. The thing I miss the most of my hunting days is....well, the hunt, I can track and stalk (anyone who's tried sneaking up on a rabbit can possibly appreciate that it's right bugger to do!) and fully realise my kill count would be low, as that's not necessarily my primary objective. Recon would be quite good fun I think.


My previous experience includes making my own ghillies and hides, even going as far as rubbing them into turd and such like to mask the human scent, so the getting dirty is no issue to me either.


I'll be joining my friend for some skirmishing soon, I'd like to attempt a sniper role then, however, I probably won't be able to get the guns and equipment in that time, so I may end up my first few games as a DM in his squad, using his M14 EBR with ACOG scope.


Anyway, I tried not to prattle on, and I did >.< I was quite interested in people opinions on taking on a sniper role after coming from a hunting background? Do spring snipers have the same hold sensitive nature as their air rifle brethren? I'm holding off looking at snipers until I have two conditions met, first is money, I need to save up a few pounds first, as I'm prone to impulse buying when I can't rightly afford to, and the other to wait until after I've tested the waters of airsoft using loner guns from my friend, he doesn't own any spring snipers though.

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FoV and aural abilities of a rabbit is quite something, and i'd be very pleased if stalking people is indeed much harder (in my limited experience, it wasn't any more difficult to stalk human over rabbit) but i'd definitely cede to information to the contrary, and would more than likely love the extra challenge. The main reason for wanting to use a Springer rifle is for the (I guess arguably quieter) operation, and more of an interest in milsim. I like bolt actions, and the electric motors seem somewhat noisy when winding up.


As I say though, my first few skirmishes will be with an AEG G&G M14 EBR. It's a heavy gun though, and i'd be attached to a unit. I guess i'd have a more formulated opinion after I try out both guns and roles

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