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Upgrades for JG AU-1G

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Bought the gun off a mate a few years ago, very reliable but I'd like it to be as accurate as my brother's second hand SRC RPK which he bought the other day. That thing is a beast, and my internals probably aren't up to scratch to match it....so, not to be outdone....

I am looking at getting:

H-BAR front end
590mm tightbore Inner barrel

Systema bucking and SCS nub (possibly in a new metal hop up housing? is that necessary?)

High torque motor (the trigger response is a bit rubbish with the dual stage trigger on semi, hoping to improve that a bit)



-What brands would you recommend for barrel and motor? I'm not made of money but I don't want to buy things that will break.

-What else would I need to consider? Would I have to do anything to the piston, gear set etc? I'll probably be using .25g bbs if the system can handle it.


It's already running at about 330-350fps with 0.2g, I seriously don't want it any higher or it'll be too hot for my local site. I'm just looking for more DMR spec trigger response and accuracy.


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I would Personally say a 9.9V LiFePO4 Battery, theyre newer technology and have many advantages to lipos, you dont have to be so... 'Careful' witht hem as you have to be with lipo's, Theyre also a slightly lower voltage than the 11v Lipos so it wont shred your gearbox up! Another thing i would look at doing is reshimming your gears and correcting your angle of engagement as best as you possibly can!

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HBAR front ends are pretty hard to find but do pop up on shops like Dentrinity or Redwolf. Finding a used kit of a forum is also a good bet.


If you want a good cheap tightbore,Madbull and ASG Ultimate(OEM by Lonex) are good bets. Found pretty much everywhere. ZCI also make steel barrels,which are known to have fantastic internal finishing and machining quality,which is compensated by straightness not being as good. The internal finish has been found to be better than Laylax in some cases. Can be found on ak2m4.co.uk,


JG are not known for precision casting,but their hop up chambers are adequate. If you want a new chamber G&P make a good metal one.

Good buckings- Lonex 70 degree buckings and G&G greens are good and available. Systema are decent but these two are cheaper and better.


ZCI 22TPA high torque motor is fantastic for trigger response. It has better build quality than Chaoli or JG 22TPA motors. The magnets are very close to the armature,closer than you would normally find in a high torque. You can find it on ak2m4.co.uk,owner is sound and on this forum I believe. Prices are good and he stocks a lot of under rated parts like ZCI which are fantastic bang for buck.


You can leave the rest of the gearbox alone. JG are know to make fantastic stock internals.Pistons are strong,piston heads seal amazingly,spring guides are great and shells are also beefy. Gears are also incredibly strong,some of the strongest you will find stock.


If you further wish to improve trigger response,you can grab some SHS 13:1 gears,paired with a 22TPA motor these will give great response.


Any gearbox work I would further recommend is correcting piston angle of engagement using sorbothane pads,increases the life of the piston drastically. Use some PTFE tape to seal up the cylinder head too.


I'd re grease the gun since JG's grease is pretty awful in my experiences


Of course,with a new motor you must correct the shimming. Make sure bevel to pinion meshing is spot on. Easy enough to do on V3 gearboxes.

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Sorry for late reply, I have resits coming up.....

'll be doing the shimming as soon as I can, heading down to CSW on the 21st for my 21st so should be able to test then...if everything arrives in time.


Not sure I'll be hitting the HBAR any more, heard nothing but crap about how anything longer than 509mm plays havoc with the BB and its hop up etc. Will definitely be doing the motor and hop up, though.

Cheers guys! Thanks for your help. If you have any more ideas on the best way to upgrade this to DMR spec please feel free to share :D

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