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UK M4 Upgrade Guide?

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Hi there,


Wanted to know if you guys could link me a fairly recent (post 2012) British guide on upgrading my king arms M4. All the guides I see right now are american and promote very isolated products that would only be imported from CH to UK.


Anyways I am looking at internal upgrades for my King Arms Colt M4A1.


It currently has this:


  • Madbull shark hop rubber
  • Fully shimmed gearbox
  • Ball bearing spring guide


Plan on buying this tommorow:




What sort of mech box upgrades should I go with, and what brand SHS or madbull? Mainly just want a higher FPS, and higher reliability.




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Hey dude, what is your FPS now and what makes you feel the gun is unreliable?


With all the changes you say you want to make you may as well either replace the entire gearbox or just go buy a new gun!


Lonex gearbox (front wired - cant remember which way round you said your is) http://www.helmetworld.co.uk/airsoft-aeg-lonex-8mm-full-gearbox-m4-v2-version-2-chromium-plated-asg-front-wir-30306-p.asp

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