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New to Aylesbury and to the UK

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Hey guys,

I've been lurking around this forum for a few weeks now, but now is the time that I introduce myself, because I've just moved to Aylesbury from Hungary.


I've been playing airsoft for some years now. Back there I had a team and I even worked as an airsoft mechanic for a few years as a second job until I got bored with it. Nowdays I just build custom guns for myself and of course play whenever I can.

Unfortunately I will still have to wait a bit before my first game here, because I couldn't bring my rifs with me on the plane.


Back in Hungary we (or it's "they" now) have airsoft events the way I prefer. Most of them are considered to be milsim by UK standards. A lot of the games have dresscode (no armbands), no hi-caps, strict command chain, teamwork, radio control, etc. Anything below 100 participants are considered to be a smallish event. 200-250 is the typical. Most of the games are in forests, or in abandoned soviet military bases. I just love patrolling the forest and hunt for the enemy.

I hope to find games like that over here (well, without the soviet bases :) ), as I'm not a big CQB fan. If you know a game like that around Aylesbury, let me know, I will be happy to join.


It'll be nice to skirmish with you guys and see how it's done here.


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Welcome to the forums. I'm sure there will be airsoft teams near you where you can play the way you like.

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