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Tokyo Marui Scar H FPS upgrade

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I am considering getting a Tokyo Marui Scar H (recoil shock next gen etc) gun in about a month. One concern I have is upgrading the FPS so its closer to the site limits. As far as I can tell this gun comes < 300 fps by default and to get to 328/350 its going to be need a more powerful spring. TM are obviously famous for their hop up and the quality of the parts but is the gearbox going to be up to a spring that increases the power that much without modifications? If so due to the highly special nature of the TM gearbox and hop up unit etc am I going to have any issues getting this changed?


More to the point is it worth getting that FPS upgraded or is the so called magic hop up unit that it comes with likely to make this a good range gun anyway? How upgradeable are these TM's with recoil shock, bolt locks for empty magazines and such?

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