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Identifying STEYR AUG part?

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Hi guys,


A friend has the JG (I think) AUG and he has lost the silver part circled in the picture below.

What is the part called and where can he get one from?


All we know at this stage is that it holds the barrel into place and he is currently holding it together with elastic bands!

Thanks in advance,



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It's the 'gas regulator' for regulating the gas flow on the real steel. it's cosmetic on the airsoft version.


it does not, as far as I can ascertain from a quick google search, hold anything on. There would be a more serious problem or a missing grub screw most likely at cause.


Try and find a manual for the rifle, it may shed some light on what the actual problem is, or take some photos and upload them. Someone with an AUG may be able to help.

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