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How to attach pictures

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I know quite a few people might struggle to post pictures on the forums so here is 2 ways to do it.

Method 1:

Head over to http://imgur.com/'>http://imgur.com/ (you do not have to make an account, don't worry). Click the 'Computer' button (circled):



Select the images you want to upload and press 'Open' (circled):



A box will summarise what you want to upload and give you the choice to add more images if you need to. Once ready press 'Start Upload' (circled):



The image(s) you select will get uploaded, when they are finished you will see this screen. Copy the 'Direct Link (email & IM)' text:



Come back to your post on the forums and click the Image button (circled):



Paste in the direct link you just copied and press 'OK' (circled):



Done, the image will appear in your post in full size:




Method 2:


Make sure you have pressed 'Use Full Editor' if making a post, if making a topic you don't need to worry about this.


Click 'Choose Files' (circled):



Select the images you want to upload and press 'Open' (circled):



Once the upload is complete, you can submit your post. The image(s) will show up as a thumbnail at the bottom of your post which people can enlarge by clicking on:




If you're still having issues then PM me, but please have given both the above methods a shot because they are very easy.


Thank you.

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