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  1. Trying to find the web ad for you Contact this person he put me intouch with where the distributors are , [email protected]
  2. Just received a new bolt handle for my aw338 , couldn't believe how fast I got it from Hong Kong and only £25 even got free ares patch hahah . https://imgur.com/gallery/2o9KQ
  3. That's the best idea ever get the kids to work and then retire 😂
  4. Thanks a lot mate really appreciate your guidance and help , I'm a printer by trade and I've done some graphic design so I'm kind of up to scratch with the design/editing , thank you so much 😊
  5. Cheers bud for that info every bit help , thank you , been looking at a Roland camm-1 pro gx500 need to do a lot of learning though before an actual purchase .
  6. Are you on instagram ? There's a lad in the uk that does them and they are top notch ! I'll dig his name out for you .
  7. What vinyl cutting machine do you use ? Been looking at a few with various other options for them ,
  8. Yes that's what I was thinking I've looked around and not really been to find many that do them only abroad , many thanks proffrink I'll get in touch with them , thank you .
  9. Never to be quite honest with you I'm slowly learning and appreciate all feed back and info .
  10. That's where I've got the idea from, from montactical he does some great stuff most of the laser cutters I've seen though are kinda not very good up until the £1000 mark as I was looking into getting one for custom images on various objects including full metal RIFs .
  11. Smaller ones should be ok and depends on the thickness of the vinyl as well .
  12. Will be finding out tomorrow but and it's a big but a couple of times I think .
  13. Would appreciate it very much if you all could give your very honest opinions as to whether or not you would use them if they where available at reasonable cost , also custom designs as well ?
  14. https://imgur.com/gallery/RUU4t Here is what I mean just a few there to see .
  15. Out of curiosity would you pay for a sticky vinyl stencil kit that included said stencils if it was reasonably priced ?
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