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Mp5 with ris rail?

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TM make a railed fore-end, but they're rare as hens teeth.


Edited to add:- and bleeping expensive!

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I have a TM but its a keeper...

I had a Jing gong full metal mp5 RAS a few years ago. It was good value for money when JG were in their

prime. Mags were a bit loose and the front grip was a joke but it was very good value for money.


Splat have them. They come with a reasonable pre fitted Aimpoint mount and a nice J stock



I wish I had kept mine....




Looking up MP5 RAS not RIS get better results

Im not sure about the CYMA one




Or at gunner






Try looking for one of these

Jing Gong full-metal M5-MC AEG




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