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  1. Is the Medal Of Honour franchise dead . Also, does anyone play (when I say anyone I mean a considerable amount of servers still up) still play the multiplayer? Its on offer and my local shop.

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    2. b1n0gHo5t


      try dirty bomb if you want a FPS game to play (free on steam)

    3. JamesAirsofterAgent


      When you say AA do you mean Allied Assualt? If so, I have still got it and do still like to play it some times as it is good. ;) Best campaign I ever played was mw or Medal Of Honor (2010) hence why I want the sequel. How many bf Hardline servers are there on ps3? People do still play it right?

    4. b1n0gHo5t


      god damn if you own hardline..take your ass up to the second floor window jump out and knock some sense into yourself