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  1. Im actually quite curious about this; what's everyones worst injury in airsoft? Had my first testicular mishap after jumping over a ditch at U6A a month ago ^^ oh, the pain!

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    2. GiantKiwi


      Broken index finger in 2012, fractured shoulder and collarbone in 2013 and simultaneous dislocation and relocation of hip and knee in 2014.


    3. Monty


      Some kid shot me with his Co2 pistol at close range, wasn't chrono'd. Left a scar and a lot of blood down my arm.

    4. NickM


      Got 3 scars from bb hits, the worst was from a CO2 pistol point blank into my fingernail bed it smashed the leather of the glove I was wearing and my skin. And torn cartilage in my right knee from slipping on mud then hitting a tree from a full run to a dead stop. 15 1/2 stone gets a lot of momentum going.

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