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  1. Anyone got eyes on the ICS 252 (Better known as the Sig 552) ? £160 sounds decentish..or is ICS shite?

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    2. ImTriggerHappy


      I have an Ics Sig 552 its a great gun. Forget what it says above.mosfet is pointless unless you change other stuff or are planning on using an 11.1 lipo.

      Inner barrel is fine the bucking is crap though.

      Pay the extra and get the mrs version though lots of RIS and you dont need a peq box for the battery. Mags are an issue thats the only thing.

    3. Hudson


      I picked one up 2nd hand a few weeks for a bargain; liking it so far.

      Much more solid than my old TM and JG versions and the quick take-down is a god-send!

    4. Hudson


      **few weeks ago

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