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  1. I have this crazy idea of designing bullpup AEG shell which would use v2 or v3 gearbox. I have a 3D printer at hand so only would need your suggestions. There is not alot of choice when it comes to bullpups on the market so i thought why dont i try and design one and print prototype. So far im trying figure out the way of having mag release at the front and fire selector closer to the trigger. 

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    2. SeniorSpaz87


      I mean, like any v2/v3 there are more and less reliable ones. But it will be a real challenge to get a v2/v3 installed with the motor being where it is. You can MOSFET a LMG gearbox too. Im sure there are plenty of people on here with high end LMGs who could tell you

    3. matas17


      what kind of mosfet does LMG gearbox take if you have any idea?

      right now trying to find a way to make trigger contacts extend to the front of a guy to reach the trigger.

    4. SeniorSpaz87


      I mean, you can probably wire one right in. Not sure why you couldnt...

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