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  1. There it goes! Sold it and shipping it tomorrow. about a week until I get my new one.

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    2. M_P


      I'm guessing a tm 416

    3. Lambster


      Yup, a TM 416. Gets delivered to site this Saturday. Hyped! jcheeseright, do you run the SOPMOD batteries or did you convert it? I've bought 2 of the batteries with it.

    4. jcheeseright


      I used to run the SOPMOD batteries but they're expensive and a bit gutless. Thankfully it's a 10 minute job to solder deans onto the rails in the stock and just use normal LiPo batteries, 7.4v is about as high as I'd go though, apparently with 11.1v the recoil weight doesn't reset fast enough for the gun's cycle speed and you'll end up stripping pistons.

      Here's a decent guide on how to rig up the deans connectors:

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