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    King arms galil sar. Kwa usp compact. De m56 tri shot. Well vz61 scorpion.
    De m50 sniper. G&P m870
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    US military kitbash. Looks abit like a pj or ranger kit
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  1. New mtb spd shoes and pedals in the mail. Can't wait to finally try cleats :-D

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    2. two_zero


      eh.. first, I get on and off my bike way quicker with spds than you do without. second. how will jumping of the bike help you?? third, jump away with the bike is more likely to help you, which will be immensely easier with spds. fourth most people who are killed in bike accidents are fairly inexperienced cyclists (due to things like curb hugging and stopping in front of hgvs), who generally do not tend to use spds. fifth, did I take this a bit too seriously?

    3. Russe11


      lol possibly :)

      The only reason I don't use SPD's is that my road bike is a vintage bike in original condition.

    4. two_zero


      fair enough :P