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  1. The mall vs the sandpit. Which is better?

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    2. BBrotherwood


      I have yet to go to the area of the sandpit with the FOB which is the well vegetated area. I would not class it as a woodland site at all. There is certainly areas that have vegetation but not much. It is a quarry though so you get some very interesting terrain to play with. Working together as groups using manoeuvring and firing tactics is way more important then being a sneaky bastard.

    3. Lozart


      The Mall is a blast - on the right day. Like every site it has its issues but the Mall suffers from the uniqueness of the site in as much as there are a lot of corridors and natural choke points. There has been a lot of work done recently with barricades to alleviate this and a lot of it seems to have worked. If there's a lot of n00bs or just people that don't want to lead the charge then yes, it can stagnate but there is ALWAYS someone who knows tow other routes around a problem that...

    4. Lozart


      ...is always will to acts as a guide (myself included). As long as you bear in mind that it's a frantic rush of a site and just get stuck in then you'll be fine. If you're going to get frustrated and precious about others not getting stuck in then maybe you need to stay away. My own personal pet hate is the guys that turn up and just shout "GO! GO! GO!" at people then complain when it's not backed up. Not everyone is as gung-ho so just deal with it.