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  1. Sawyer

    TM MWS M4

    Time Left: 6 days and 3 hours

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    MWS M4 fitted with Ratech NPAS and Modify tan bucking. Comes with original valve and adjustment key. Some wear marks from use. Comes as pictured with two magazines.


  2. Allegedly they don't puff, don't suffer from the same explosive nature if rapidly discharged. (hence a lack of need for lipo protection) I'd be curious to test this though, and actually rapidly discharge one. I want lipo protection off because the titan mosfet I have likes to beep at me when I use titan batteries, with lipo protection on, which I think has something to do with their normal discharge rate. Plus they aren't a lipo anyway.
  3. Sawyer

    THE TM MWS thread

    Hurry up and do it then so I can have a TM 416 GBBR! 😂
  4. I've got a couple of genuine G&G Ak midcaps laying about, where are you based? I know you'd prefer hicaps but heyho.
  5. Sawyer

    THE TM MWS thread

    Well naturally, you can't have a surplus of optics!
  6. This is basically how I feel about 99% of all airsoft guns.
  7. Nothing, I'm just having a laugh!
  8. I'm equal opportunities. I hate everyone. ARP9 drum mag users slightly more than everyone else though 😉
  9. I mean, we aren't. Last two posts are appreciating speedsoft played well in that first video. The second video is just an obnoxious dick who happens to be a speedsofter. I'm not gonna lie, it's not my cup of tea, I'd just play paintball if it was, but I can appreciate the skill presented by the bloke in the first video.
  10. Spot on. I know I've mentioned it a few times, but I agree. Like I said earlier, spirit of the game. It's a game based on honesty and a bit of respect. The guy in the latter video has no idea of either of those concepts. The first video is good play. He fires when he has his sights on target.
  11. I suppose for me both things are much less about the safety aspect, more them being in the spirit of the game. Throwing grenades is in the spirit of the game, everyone likes a loud bang and a bit of atmosphere. Most people don't like having others running around blindfiring or prefiring corners. There's a difference between that and suppressing someone for sure. I often find trigger spam and pre firing come hand in hand, and neither are needed indoors. Outdoors it's not great, but at least you can understand you've got to account for 50% of your BBs being blown off course.
  12. Agreed. The Gaol is hot on that stuff, and I've never once felt like pyros or BFGs constitute a safety issue.
  13. Sawyer

    THE TM MWS thread

    Didn't you want mine? 😂
  14. I don't throw at head height anyway, paper or otherwise. I can't see how you're gonna blind someone with a pyro when they're wearing eye pro tbh. I doubt the pyro we have access to have that sort of power. I've had a mk5 go off right next to me, before I used ear pro. Yeah my ears rang for a while, and it encouraged me to protect my hearing but I was far from deaf. And the fps thing is because a pyro isn't going to go inserting itself into my cheek. A BB will, happily, at extreme close range. And going back to the tactics/skill thing. It's harder to throw a grenade well, than it is to spam a trigger as you pass a corner.
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