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  1. What are TM shotguns like actually in game ? 

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    2. Esoterick


      I really liked mine but it only got used at specific CQB sites so I ended up selling it. Unless you want to keep popping in and out of cover it's likely you will get rinsed up by people with AEGs also. I'd probably get a spring one first to see if you get on with it as they are very similar in performance.

    3. Hypermonkey


      The shotgun game is different to using a rifle. You lose some stealth as the sound of racking the gun alerts others to your position and racking takes you off target for a split second.

      I use a KSG as it's the perfect size for CQB and it's changed my game style as you have to make sure you have amo in the pipe as there is nothing more embarrassing as storming into a room, getting one target and then racking and firing gas with no BBs at the next 3 targets.


      On the other hand, the KSG with a sight will hit a small target at 100-150ft without hesitation and with a spread of 1-2ft at that range hitting 2 targets with one shot is satisfying. The sound of marching down a dark corridor, firing and hearing 'hit', racking and doing the same again is addictive, especially when you see people wince even before the shot has left the barrel.


      I've just got an AA12 for the colder days and although it is s great piece of kit and in full auto is hilarious, a pump action TM gas is so much fun, which is after all what should be had at a day out.

      I think if you find a good second hand one with some shells (Nuprol ones work as well as TM and are £8 for 4 as opposed to £15 for 2 TM) and you don't like it you could sell it on for no or very little loss as there is a good market for them.


      Spring is a good back-up, but they are heavier to rack, if you don't fully rack you have loaded the BBs but not the spring so you have to unload the shell, shake out the BBs, fully rack the gun, fire it without the BBs to reset it all and then load the shell, rack and fire. By which time you're on your way to regen ;)
      With a gas you just fire more BBs for that shot.


      I'm a convert from AEG rifle and Gas MP9 to shotguns and grenades. Go for it :)


    4. jay83


      thanks guys all great info 

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