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  1. I got them today Lewis. The quality is next level and the detail......well I'm running out of words as I keep seeing something new or notice the shading on the smallest of parts. There is shading and distress on the allen bolts!! If you are thinking of getting some of your kit done then do it, do it now!!
  2. TM KSG Red dot scope Nuprol 400 45deg rail sight protector G18C Carbine Kit 522 sight and my gun case. All done in a dirty Umbrella/Resident Evil style to go with the loadout. Well worth going without them for a while after seeing his other work. I have an old AUG A3 AEG that I've been using and have found an appreciation for it I forgot I had. Should be getting the painted bits back in a week or so. Excitement level 10+
  3. Looks good!! Chris is doing a commission for me (well 8 pieces) at the moment and to say I'm excited about them is an understatement. His work is outstanding.
  4. There were 6-10 under 14s at the Dec 18th Game at The Mall on our team. They looked a little lost so I took a couple of them into the darkness of the basement for a session. Wait, let me rephrase that. They were hanging around the re-spawn and weren't enjoying the day. We needed to clear through the basement so I asked them if they wanted to shoot people up close and they lit up. They followed direction really well and got right into the game. They went where needed and got the hang of suppression fire/angles of attack/when to move by the end of the 40 mins. The next game they went off with their mates and held the basement area all game. I felt like a proud parent!! In the breaks they were asking about our kit, any insight into best first weapons and really got enthused about the sport. A complete 180 from 2 hours previously. Like mentioned above there can be pre-judging due to their age/all the gear no idea but the same can go for some adults if not more so as they are adults and know it all. Our little group tend to 'pass it forward' regarding help, information etc as we were all newbies at some point, me only a year ago. Now you'll have to excuse me as I have a basement full of young boys to attend to.
  5. If you are looking at investing then drop me a PM as I have a a full set-up for sale consisting of: 1x 12L dive bottle with ticket. Costs me £3.50 to fill this and I can get 10-11 48cl bottles out of this. I use 1/3 of a 48cl bottle per day on a MP9 at The Mall so this roughly gets me 30 full day games for a £3.50 fill. Tippman/Wolverine users get a full day+ out of 1 48cl bottle so even that is not bad for 10 full days for £0.35 per day. 1x fill station with gauge and test plug for safe transfer form the dive bottle to the 48cl bottle. 2x 48cl tanks to use in game. These have passed tank protectors and metal thread covers when not in use. 1x Ninja adjustable regulator with competition lock and a 42" air hose so plenty of movement can be have if needed. The comp lock has allowed me to play with HPA at different sites as they see the weapon is set to their limits and not adjusted 'in play' as some have done. 3x KWA russian valves for mags. These are the proper ones and not the cheap thin ones you see more of now. 4x WE russian valves for mags. As above these are the proper ones. All of the kit is under 12 months old and in excellent cosmetic and operating condition. New this would set you back £550+ but as it's the season to be merry etc I'm looking for £425 and could deliver if not too far (I'm Reading) and could show you the ropes re filling. Simon. * Edited to say the only reason I'm selling is I've got right into shotguns as a primary and use the MP9 rarely so I can only foresee the kit gathering dust when really it deserves to be out in the field.
  6. As said above make sure that the tank is in test. I got mine from a local dive centre with a test on it. If you're not using it for diving then you can get a pressure test that lasts 4 years put on it for £40. It's like an MOT for it as many places will not fill it if it's out of test. *shameless plug* I have a 12L certificated tank with gauged fill station, 2x 48CL tanks, Ninja regulator and hose going for sale. All the kit is in excellent order and looks fresh out of the box (except for the 12L tank is not as cosmetically fresh but rock solid where it counts) and a good price. I'm only selling as am getting into my shotguns and the HPA isn't getting used. Simon.
  7. I was at The Mall yesterday and it was clear to see that this incident has had a knock on effect. There was a large sign at the entrance to the safe zone saying no mags in guns and no dry firing in the safe zone. The incident (no site names given) was mentioned in the briefing and the fact that dry firing was not permitted in the safe zone was reiterated throughout the day. One chap got a final warning due to putting a mag his weapon in the safe zone but apart from that the ruling was adhered to by all.
  8. It's all personal preference in the end. Me, I have one as playing at the Mall and dwelling in the basement there are pipes/ledges/hanging bits that I have bumped into and have left their mark on the lid. The fit can be crap, but I took the liner out of an old cycling helmet and cut it to fit the lid and my head nice and snug.
  9. If you contact Chris Hobbs at Geartech customs he can get you any gun you want and do an amazing 2 tone paint job on it so it doesn't look like a 2 tone if you get my drift. Here's his site----> http://www.geartechcustompaint.com/paint-commission/ Let us know what you get
  10. I went through the same thought process a few months ago and opted for the SWAT timed grenades as I play a lot at The Mall and impacts are too restrictive there. The SWAT is also very light in weight compared to the impacts I saw. This was a big factor as the thrower is responsible for where/who it hits and can face a personal injury claim if injures a player. I walked around a corner at the wrong time and got hit in the shin by a SWAT and hardly felt it, the impact grenade than hit me the previous week left a nice bruise and a fair bit of pain for a few days (I just took this as part of the game and left it at that, other may not have done) so that is worth a thought. The single shots I have do take a little getting used to to load but I can empty/prime and reload in 1 minute give or take a few seconds, so not really a big issue and I usually do this walking back to re-gen. The outer case is holding up very well and can be marked with an ID mark using a solder tip to put initials/tag mark so you know it's yours. As said earlier, the amo is cheap as chips. I use 9mm and primers. You can hear a difference and at The Mall both make a decent sound. Outdoors the 9mm does a little better but is it really worth the extra (50 x 9mm=£15-17....100 x primers=£10) I couldn't really say, but when you put these up against the paper/card ones at £2.50-3.50 then you can see where the saving is. Get one bought, blow sh!t up, have a great game (",)
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