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  1. Hardest member for find for SVS seems to be a heavy support gunner. Wonder why? Because the guns are expensive/heavy? or does no one like doing it?

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    2. M_P


      But you could equally say if you had more m4 mags or higher capacities it wouldn't be an issue :P I mean if you needed to fire off more than 120 or so rounds in one burst then yes an lmg would have a real use but that's not really necessary. But yeah they do look cool

    3. M_P


      Perhaps if sites allowed a higher fps limit or something for them then more people might use them Jay, but as it is they're definitely a minority

    4. Lozart


      Oh I agree, but then more mags means lugging about a sh*t ton of Mids or doing the High Cap Tactical Maracas on the off chance you might need to do a bit of suppression. I think they're more relevant in a woodland scenario where you're actually trying to defend a fixed point though. A CQB environment tends to be more dynamic so a support gun is going to be a bit of a liability (not going to stop me for the next trip out though).