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    (If wanting any tech work done to any guns, drop me a message, I'd be happy to help, even if it's just a question/help/advice )

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  1. I can highly suggest wrapping some PTFE/plumbers tape around the hop rubber and barrel to get a tighter seal. ( wrap it so that it is half and half covering the end of the rubber, and a bit of barrel- try and wrap smoothly and evenly). Another near free and easy mod which improves accuracy is wrapping your barrel in tape in a barbershop pole style- try and use a tape that makes a snug fit, if there's a bit of wiggle room try electrical tape, if already a tighter fit try PTFE tape. Make sure to wrap evenly with no bumps. If the tape isn't quite fitting, try stretching out the tape as you tightly wind it around, it may even help to lightly grease the outside of the barrel > afterwards! < to help the tape not get bunched up -You'll be surprised of the performance gains from something so simple.
  2. Teching on 3 client's guns...Whilst having 3 current builds of my own...ughhh priorities ;)

  3. The galil is an awesome gun both in its looks and feeling of the gun, but I chose the L85 because its performance out dose the galil, it has a longer barrel, it is slightly lighter and mags are easy to get (standard M4 mags) unlike the galil where mags that fit are scares and expensive.... Sooooo I chose the L85 which to add , is a British rifle
  4. Thanks guys for the great modification tips, took my l85a2 to a skirmish and it is performing really well, even without the 509mm tight bore I'm planning to buy
  5. Yeh thanks .Do you have a scope on yours because it has 19mm rails so is it hard to find a scope or not?
  6. I swear the ICS L85a2's come with a 6.04 or 6.03mm barrel anyway so the tight bore doesn't seem to be a necessity does it?
  7. Thanks for the advice m8 ,I will most likely buy the l85a2 standard and save up a little bit more for that little extra performance ..by the way would you say that the tight bore is necessary ,if so what's the length of it?
  8. sorry I meant l85a2 carbine It has a couple inches shorter barrel ...I will have to save a bit more for the standard l85 ..but have u got the carbine or standard l85?
  9. Thanks Ile take that advice, but was that a stock l85 and was it a L85A2? because I don't really have cash or time for many upgrades ,thank you yet again .
  10. Hello, I'm asking for some advice on the two guns stated in the title. For a long time now I have been debating in my mind whether to buy the ICS L85 or GALIL ,I have searched up videos on u-tube about the two guns ,but never found a good long range shooting test ,as this is what I would want the gun for , because I generally play woodland. So I was hoping for personal opinions on these guns and some statistics e.g. affective range. Or any other gun suggestions for under £300. I have also thought about the G&G UMG as I am told the hop up is very good on it , but any replies or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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