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  1. What's a better upgrade for firerate? Changing the gears which can be a hassle or leave everything stock and just buy an 11.1v lipo battery?

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    2. Finius


      Another good way to up your ROF is to do a load of little tweaks to increase your air efficiency, push the max FPS and then drop the spring power (most gearboxes lose 20% of their power due to not being air efficient, fix that and you can put a much weaker spring in)

    3. Finius


      AND, finally, if you just want a standard 'this' answer, if you can only do gears OR battery, go gears.

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      if your gun isn't up to it you will be rebuilding the gearbox anyway in 6months or less if teeth start to strip/over run.

      Ther are now LiFe batteries @ 9.9v which may be a more gentle trade off for your gun

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