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  1. which is louder; an AEG or a GBB?

    1. Show previous comments  36 more
    2. two_zero


      dont get hfc

    3. AK47frizzle


      Can't get GBB remember. I'll just settle for an AEP for now.

    4. TacMaster


      Or just save, get a GBB, have fun with it and tell the neighbours to f*ck off; you'd be wasting your money on an AEP, they're only good for plinking and have no practical use in a skirmish whatsoever. Trigger response is sh*t OOB, accuracy is sh*t OOB, muzzle velocity is sh*t OOB; and you can't change that unless you open one up and fiddle with it. TM GBBs will be great out of the box, have the legendary TM accuracy and range and will also last you a lot longer with much better pe...