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  1. f*ck! My Yahoo email has been hacked, yahoo sent me an email saying that an american fatass logged into my account using an unrecognised device on the 15th of Jan in the US. sh*t, i've changed my password. This may be linked to the spasm my laptop had because it may had been hijacked... i don't know what to do now

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    2. AK47frizzle


      well, i did say i was getting a new laptop very soon, so the're no point blowing more money into fixing my shyte one i have now, but thanks anyways

    3. Stormhall


      Ah yes I remember Yahoo giving people messages about a year ago that someone hacked into Yahoo before and I remember the incident of the mycrysis.com hack as well.


      Thanks for reminding me that I don't use Yahoo anymore and I have now terminated that unused account.

    4. Nickona


      One thing with any e-mail saying something has happened or you need t change passwords etc, never go through the link they give you, even if it looks legit. Always go through the homepage