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  1. I might be done with electric guns and go full gas/co2/hpa

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    2. Careless


      ah kk  , my only experiance with hpa is the drop in kits and wolverine's mtw,  i know people have converted gbbrs to hpa , didnt know there was another system , yea your right about automatic fire with gbbrs , allways just use semi auto and aim for 1st hit kill if not 2nd anyway , not a fan of full auto firing so that aspect has never bothered me but for some it will be a huge draw back ..

    3. AK47frizzle


      Had a wee thought about it, probably not. I'd only use the wraith co2 stock because I hate being tied down to a hose. Suppressive fire is still very effective in woodland games, and the wraith co2 does not allow that. Well, it does. But every 180 rounds (my mid cap size), i'd have to change mag + co2 from buffer tube. I can already imagine that being extremely irritating. I'll just stick with my reliable aeg and move onto another crazy project.

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      The line really isnt that bad, especially in woodland, it's no worse than a sling or a lanyard on a pistol.


      Certainly any inconvenience there is will be more than offset by the performance.

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