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  1. Hmmm do I upgrade or replace the gearbox on my g&p m16a3 decisions decisions :wacko: 

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    2. Georgeturner2001


      I don't think it would be possible to put an amoeba box into a g and p receiver, they have an odd quick change spring which means you don't have to take the box out to change the spring like a usual QC spring guide.

    3. Georgeturner2001


      The amoeba gearbox with the blue chip is the one you want as that can run 11.1s without frying, where as the green will fry. The am-007 has the green chip.

    4. CaptainDumbass


      nuprol do motors, shims, gears, everything, it takes longer and it can be f*cking stressful but i would always choose building a box over buying one!