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  1. ordered a ASG Glock G18c AEP from patrol base last night ..... had a phone call today, Out Of Stock ... /miffed!!!

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    2. Kaza66


      Yea I want impressed with them either. First gun arrived it decent time but was faulty. Sent it back, 1-2 weeks to EVEN LOOK AT IT they said. I wasn't having that. I got angry. The next thing they were taking it out of the box and looking at it. But still they didn't communicate with me properly. So I rang up and blew my top. They said they would repair it and send it back. But after they messed me around like that I was having none of it so I got them to send me a new one. Still took...

    3. sp00n


      Eeek thats not good mate. My Status = dispatched … fingers crossed :)

    4. Kaza66


      Yep good luck. I reckon youll be fine time wise so long as the gun they send isnt screwed over :)

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