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    20 pistols/revolvers
    8 M4 variants.
    1 HK417
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    PMC mainly but otherwise multicam. If I'm feeling oldskool, I'll grab the marpat.
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    Fireball squadron
  1. Just had: WE G19 gen4 WE G23F gen4 WE P226 non railed navy with trademarks Takes my tally of WE pistols to forteen now.
  2. Was it a photo of an XDM in FDE or one in the flesh? I it's a photo that's mine I think I love cerakote and the guys over at riflecraft are sound as a pound.
  3. Tiger111hk mate. Ordered and delivered within a week. Good service. I've had a few pistols form them lately for team mates too.
  4. Some nice comfy under armour speed freak boots and a helikon commander soft shell in black. Hmmmmmm
  5. Oh balls! Ordered a new tanaka M37 air weight revolver now so the 416 might have to wait.
  6. Trying to resist getting a VFC HK416 next week when they restock
  7. Ha ha ha! I do tend to splurge every so often. This last splurge has lasted about 1-2 months thanks to having a few squid spare. I've heard very good things about the DTW's though. Everyone who's had one had said it is useable out of the box. Something you couldn't say with a CTW.
  8. Erm, just got a HK417 and some mags, three blue force gear chest rigs-one for my MP7 (which is new too ) one do the 417 and another for my M4's a few new pistols well six I think and a G&P M4 RIS cause I was feeling nostalgic. That's it for a while I think. Burnt through the money I got selling my CTW's so new to save for more goodies now.
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