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  1. Having to host pictures for a sales thread on the forum's own space seems rather counter intuitive. Especially, as up until now I've never had any issues with using Google Photo for hosting. Logic, there is none o.O

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    2. Deva


      If you're not posting confidential images, to which you are not, I can't see the issue with imgur. You can still delete your images etc.


      Anyway, the reason why it doesn't work is because there is no extension on the URL, so it looks like a page. Append .jpg (or if it was png .png etc) and it will work just fine.

    3. Liam1992


      Just as an aside, as far as the UK Govt is concerned, confidential no longer exists as a Classification. Random point I know...

    4. GiantKiwi


      Imgur was setup by a redditor for the purpose of serving stolen images without gaining consent of the original owner, even after an image is "deleted", they retain it on their servers for 6 months. Not to mention that their server reliability is pathetic. And I pay monthly for a larger data allowance for google services, so why should i ever want to use anything else? Google doesn't pre compress images before completing an upload, and all images they serve are gzipped.

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