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  1. Evening Gents, Well, you guys have a variety of backgrounds and experiences and perhaps one of you might be a PVC expert, who knows? Might spark some discussion on preferences anyway! Last year I had a set of Webbing custom made by a company in Colchester for work. Its been brilliant as yet, survived various Exercises/ Courses and hasn't failed me yet. However, it has one issue! The pouches, as good as they are, aren't brilliant at keeping water out. PLCE pouches are excellent as they are all lined with (I assume) thin PVC stitched to the inside. 2 of the pouches I got aren't (As I didn't select the option to at the time). there brilliant pouches with clips that make life so easy, but I think they would be made even better if they were PVC lined as per PLCE, it would help them to keep there shape when empty too. So, my question is, anyone have any idea what PVC material would be suitable for lining a webbing pouch? I'm handy enough with a sewing machine and I've got two weeks christmas leave coming up, got to fill my time with something! Cheers all, Liam
  2. Only thing I can pick up, that doesn't require buying anything expensive, that hasn't already been mentioned is Helmet scrim. Not sure if there is a particular Herrick "No" your going for, but for 99% of deployed lads in the past couple of years its been scrimmed helmets (though don't ask me when that came into effect). The new helmet covers come with a bag of pre-cut scrim, but frankly it isn't enough to do even a quarter of the helmet. Not advising you cut up your trousers for it, but if you come across a buckshee/ruined set of PCS on eBay etc, worth a couple of quid to sort the helmet out. Liam
  3. Got myself a WE Glock 17 Gen 4! Unnnfortunately, I'm 100 miles from it and am not home for the next 5 weeks. Bugger!!
  4. Altberg Sneekers in Brown. Wouldn't even consider putting anything else near my feet, there absolutely mindblowingly good.
  5. I was just about to suggest that. Literally just about to. Any experience with them?
  6. Evening guys, Just out of interest really, as its something I might try and pursue in the new year having never owned a GBBR and personally think the DMR platform is the way forward. Obviously, there is the maintainence side of things to consider, and various little bits and bobs that can be added (NPAS etc) that I have little to no knowledge about. But, that aside, you need somewhere to start. So, if you were to build a GBB DMR with an unspecified budget (Lets try and keep it reasonable, but be free with suggestions) where would you start? Liam
  7. Thats pretty damn impressive. Very impressive actually. How strong is it?
  8. RAF Regiment where the standard RAF Blue Beret. Personally, as someone who wears the generic blue beret (Army, however!) on a daily basis I wouldn't take offence to a Beret being worn, and I don't think anyone else would either. Stable belts and TRF's however, I'm not so sure.
  9. Picked up my Kestrel's from the Clothing Store today, not bad on first impressions!

  10. Had a Cadet Sgt try to pull rank on me once. I would like to suggest that from behind he didn't recognise me from another Cadet (Bearing in mind it was a Cadet ran exercise I was helping out on) but I was wearing PCS, everyone else in the queue including several Cadet Officers/SNCO's all in DPM, tried to call me out for jumping the queue. Truth be told I hadn't jumped the queue, I left the queue and then rejoined. Said young Cadet Sgt tried to call me "effin queue jumping !"£*%£$", then I turned round and he realised who he was talking to and continued to rant in an attempt to save face. Said individual spent the remainder of the morning experiencing different corners of the training area. Sucker! As for BB's, Blaster Devil .25's so far, never had a problem in the short time I've been playing.
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