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  1. As far as im aware its never had a service and the wear is just from natural use over time.
  2. Make/brand: Marui Any accessories included: x6 Midcaps, Vfc short rail (fitted), original rail, unknown brand Acog (magnified optic), unknown brand T1 sight on high mount, Visionking short dot (1.25-5) with kill flash on a clone Larue SPR mount, Magpul RVG, Prommy purple hop rubber (unfitted), new stock tube locking ring (unfitted), vtac sling, triple Tmc 417 mag pouch, Tmc single open top mag pouch, Tmc double mag pouch (closed top), Gps pouch on stock (believe to be Tmc), Nuprol Hardcase. Looking to sell on behalf of a friend. He's owned it since new. Been wired to deans on original contact bars but otherwise internally stock. The barrel in the picture is the original which unfortunately suffered from having the flash hider snapped off so has no threads on it but could possibly be rethreaded to be an even shorter barrel. 1 of the 6 mags has comically been modded to show AP rounds in it. The mag pouches look slighty tan in the picture but are green (possibly ranger green). Have a rough idea of what this all would be worth but would like to get some opinions before putting up for sale. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Pictures:
  3. yeah i saw that one too, mines similiar but its a straight drop leg rather than molle mounted.
  4. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/BUNKER-WAREHOUSE
  5. i picked up a genuine Blackhawk drop leg (not a serpa) for less than £40 off ebay recently and its a quality bit of kit, holds my Fnx securely and i dont have to worry about it hitting the mag release or damaging it.
  6. Marushin Fn5-7. Felt like a springer, mold lines everywhere, wouldn't cycle on anything other than 134a and could have been beaten by a McDonald's straw.
  7. Posting on the zeroing forum was a huge mistake....... Unless he really wanted a new asshole, in which case I hope he enjoys it......
  8. We have all been there, so much kit that its just hanging round your house/flat like the smell from last nights alcohol induced kebab farts. In a fit of "Oh my sweet lord cthulu where am i gonna stash all this" when you realise your significant other/mother/landlord is coming round that you throw it everywhere just to hide it (Note: trying to disguise a hicapa 4.3 by trying to bribe the cat to sit on it doesnt work). Weeks/months go by and you start finding remnants of your beloved hobby all over the place, a cleverly concealed group of bb's have just destroyed your hoover, you find a pistol mag in the microwave and then lo and behold you find a gun/pouch/plate carrier you havent seen in months, buried amongst last months pile of dirty underwear thats still good for another week, and you rejoice. Pointless post maybe but as ive just found the wreck of a vfc hk416 from like a year ago i wondered whats the weirdest thing you have found and where? Reaver
  9. ive seen that article, but it doesnt say how or what he did other than fit a "hop up barrel", im looking for some ideas as to how to go about it, other than slapping a barrel with a hop window in there and hop for the best.
  10. Hello to all, I have recently come into possession a Digicon Target Contender (13 inch model) and i absolutely love it, its been my holy grail gun for as long as i can remember (or maybe since the last time i watched Hard Target). My only issue with it is the lack of a hop in it. For such a powerful piece (pushing 490 on green gas and .2's) the lack of range is annoying me, .36's and .43's extend the range but its barely getting past 150 feet before a the bb just nosedives for the deck (target shooting its great, but with having permission to run it as a sniper pistol i could ideally do with the range being extended). Now KM Head still do an 8 inch tightbore with an SCS adjustable hop for the Target, but seeing as i cant read japanese and google translate is a pile of ****, is there a way i could "create" my own hop mod for it. I know its a bit of an ask but if anyone can help would be muchly appreciated. I can get pics done and up if referrence is needed.
  11. R34V3R


    See thats what i thought, it just seems the Z1 forums are a breeding ground for FFB (Fuck, Fail and Bullshit).
  12. Hey guys n gals. Finally made it over to these forums, normally a regular of Z1 forums (and as most of us might know, it can get messy over there). Joined here to broaden my forum horizons. R34V3R
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