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  1. So after 3 years of GCSE chemistry. I havent learnt or understood a single thing. And instead of doing something about it ive pissed around. So now, the night before my Unit 2 & 3 exam, im coming to the conclusion: Im well and truly f*cked.

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    2. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      Had nothing on rates of reaction. AQA paper wasn't too bad. Did foundation though so probably a really high grade boundary :(

    3. CaptainDumbass


      Well considering i think i have a guaranteed U, this is very bad... Because my new chemistry teacher is lovely but shes only just started. If she gots a bollocking for something a sh*tty teach previously did i'll feel really bad.

    4. NickM


      Of course you have a U everyone starts with a U each mark takes you up a grade, fingers crossed its better than you think. The new teacher shouldn't get a bollocking. But the school should get a roasting from the LEA for entering unprepared students and you having no real teacher.