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  1. No longer an AFUK starter. Yaaaaay. After about 5 months XD

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    2. Airsoft-Ed


      To be fair, Marksman ought to get a new title, if anyone. He has an obscene number of posts.

      He makes me seem like a noob.


      Yet despite that, I don't think he crops up as often as his post count would lead anyone to expect... It's weird. I guess he must've posted more frequently longer ago.


      Didn't he join after me though? He must've really gone berserk with posts when he joined.

    3. Deva


      He hasn't been around for a while, but sure I saw a post the other day saying he was back for good. You have competition. He did amass posts quickly. It started with me on top, then Jersey Tactical Airsoft, then me, then Marksman.

    4. iAcorn


      All I know is I probably wont get to have THAT many posts on this forum. At least not for a long time. There are people with more knowledge than me so there's no point in posting half the time :)

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