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    Umarex Glock 17
    WE P14
    Magpul PTS ACR Masada
    AKM & M4 style
    VFC MP7
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    what ever gun works at the time
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    Ironsight airsoft
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    Varies, mainly south west.
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    Boneyard stuff, imma amateur tech so ill tinker on anything.

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    Gear Clear out


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    selling my stuff that is just taking up room/ dont use. viper special ops chest rig - £20 used regulary for a bit. but still in good condition. has 4 m4 mag slots, plus assortment of pouches on front. jg g36 lower reciever - £10 New with packaging, wanted to use it as a replacement part but it doesnt fit my rif. didnt come with a baseplate. black holster - £7 unbranded, minimal use before i went chad safariland. viper tactical black mesh mask - £5 used for a bit before buying a delta mike, ok condition, jungle hat x2 - £7 genuine army issue jungle hat, 1 brand new size 56 with neck protector, 1 a bit used size 60 with neck protector and elastic chin strap. I wanted ones with narrower brims so these can go. osprey magazine pouch x4 - £7 genuine osprey pouches, got lucky with surplus. green velcro belt - £5 lightly used, just fits 30 waist. probably a small. multicam velcro belt - £5 lightly used, fits 30 waist with loads of room for adjustment magpul afg2 - £25 genuine magpul afg2, barely used, plastic is still great condition, buts there some rust on the metal screws. Grip Pod vertical bipod grip x2 - Sensible offers Genuine GPS grip pod, both very well used, covered in scuffs nicks and wear and tear, 1 is slightly better than the other. elcan scope cover - £20 genuine elcan bikini scope cover, used but still good condition busnell 2-6x28 - £15 decent clear glass, has been camo painted and is very scuffed, fits onto picatinny, missing windage adjustment cover laser light combo set - £25 fits my glock rail. comes with case and touch pad, 1 is a neotter M6x other is generic. barely used. apachie led torch - £10 just a decent torch with a couple different power settings, can be powered with either triple A, cr123 or 18650. comes with case If your interested in anything lemme know i will sent you extra photos. Postage gonna be £5 with royal mail open to offers, and deals for multiple items


    barnstable, Devon - GB

  2. Tech

    Vfc mp7 navy gbb

    Ah thanks so much dude. Saved me the legwork. The mle Paypal thing is a bit weird but hey if you get it I can't complain. Thanks for all your help.
  3. Tech

    Vfc mp7 navy gbb

    Cheers mate, I'll probably do that then. Shame about the mags.
  4. Tech

    Vfc mp7 navy gbb

    Looking for the navy version specifically. I was under the impression that apart from the foregrip it also has some issues rectified from the a1. I thought the navy had some of the kinks from the a1 sorted. As well as the foregrip. If not I'm might just do that. Also don't suppose you know if there are small 20 round mags anywhere? I only see the bigger ones.
  5. Tech

    Vfc mp7 navy gbb

    Anyone know if it's in stock anywhere? Or someone selling one? Been wanting one for a while and I'm finally ready to pull the trigger and I can't find one for the life of me. Any help is massively appreciated.
  6. Tech

    G&G M4

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    G&G M4 Electric blow back + 3 high cap mags + Red dot recently serviced 330 fps avg on .20g metal barrel full polymer build Wired to deans open to offers


    , swindon

  7. Tech

    Mk 23 pistol

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    mk23 Gas Pistol with no Markings +1 mag +2 leaking mags + suppressor full polymer 330 fps avg on .20g


    , swindon

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    Umarex/Elite Force M9 comes with 1 leaky mag Full Metal pistol works fine 190 fps avg on .20g


    , swindon

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