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  1. moonmoose

    G&G AK5C

    Airsoft world have them in stock. Also fatbobs Airsoft.

    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    As titled. Not interested in other makes. I have valid UKARA.


    , West sussex

  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    S&T PPSH-41 EBB Comes with 2000rnd drum mag and 540rnd stick mag, original box and manual. One of the blowback spring clips is missing but doesn't effect anything. Some slight marks on the bottom of the stock (see picture) Otherwise in very good condition. Shooting at 300fps (see picture) Has quick change spring function so can quickly be upped to an outdoor power. Due to the new quick change spring guide the back cap screw no longer fits. It will be included along with the stock spring guide. If you don't want the EBB its super easy to disable. I was using 7.4 lipo. fire rate around the 16-19 per sec mark. Upgrades: M100 spring - 300fps 3/4 ported cylinder - E&C Double o-ring Cylinder head - SHS Double o-ring piston head - SHS 14 tooth piston with steel teeth - SHS 13:1 Gear set - SLD/rocket Stainless steel Quick change bearing spring guide - ZCI 6.02mm stainless steel inner barrel Madbull Shark 60* rubber and nub Wired to Deans COLLECTION ONLY PLEASE - could meet half way in West Sussex area PROOF OF DEFENCE OR MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED


    Littlehampton, west sussex - GB


    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    I know where I can buy new. Just incase someone has one laying about unused.


    Littlehampton, West Sussex - GB


    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    As title. Used to own the version 1 when it first came out. One of the best guns I've used in my 10 year Airsoft career. Looking for a version 2 second hand before I buy new. Would be looking to buy next month.


  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    • Used

    Moving house and no longer have time to play. COLLECTION ONLY!! No posting,splitting,swaps,meeting half way. If you can't collect I don't want to know. Ares striker S1 - upgraded bolt, barrel stabilizers, hope up chamber, hop up rubber, trigger sear mod, hawk nite-eye 6.5x20 zoom red and green illumination, bipod, flash hider. 480fps on .2g. 2x standard 45 rnd mags, 2x short 45rnd mags. Different weighed bb's. Swiss arms carry bag. LCT G3A3. All stock. Set up as DMR with a screw stopping full auto. 410fps. 3x 180 mid caps, 1x 500rnd hi cap. Ares honey badger. Lonex motor, madbull hopup rubber, tomtac microswitch gearbox. 4x red and green scope with laser. Battery compartment extender. 335fps at 20rnds per second. 6x lonex 350rnd flash mags. 1x stock mag. Bottle of .2g and .25g bb's. Mags are also full up with .2g. 500rnd loader mag. Pistol loader mag. WE P226 gas blow back pistol. Raven 6.01 barrel, rwa hop up rubber. 4x 23rnd mags, extra mag pouch holding 2 and a viper pistol leg holster. 1 mini can of gas. 2x 1300 7.4 box lipo batteries. Deans 1x 2600 7.4 stick lipo battery. Deans 1x 1500 7.4 box lipo battery. Deans 1x 2600 11.1 stick lipo battery. Deans Lipo charger with power pack. Deans Cortech chronograph. 2 mesh half masks 1 safety goggles (brand new unopened) 1 mesh goggles 1 multi cam helmet 1 multi cam mag drop pouch 1 ammo pouch holds thousands of BB's and very quiet when running unlike the bottles 1 Kombat tactical multi cam rig (brand new never used) 1 viper chest rig 1 2-point viper sling 2 smoke grenades 1 flash bang 1 WE M14 stock (brand new) 1 authentic looking Thompson sub machine gun mag pouch with 3 low cam Thompson mags of unknown make 1 broken SRC G36 MG with low scope rail and high rail with built in scope


    Cowfold, West sussex

  7. Also where you sourced your bits and bobs from
  8. I have looked alot into doing it myself. And i was just after the real cap tapped. use to paintball so have the air tanks and remote coil so on. But out of curiosity how did you go about yours? Is it as simple as installing a q/d air nozzle into the mag and a regulator off a bottle to control psi?
  9. PT24 Could you point me in the direction? Looking for some hpa we m4 mags if thats their fortay?
  10. Iv recently got a RA-Tech level 3 WE Scar. (not my first GBBR but first time using co2 mags) Everything was tested in my garage which has been open most of the morning and all equipment was left for a few hours to get to the temperature of the day to simulate a game day as much as possible, Shade, no heat/sunlight, no pre warming things like that. Green gas mags on a .2g iv set at 340fps first shot on average, weather conditions obviously will change that from time to time, then it comes down to about 330ish and then drops as usual blah blah. I researched the co2 mags and I know they will put out a higher fps - so I knew id have to adjust when using. People said they found a 30-40fps increase from green gas. I thought that's fine I have NPAS so I can lower that easy. None of my many hours searching reviews and such said much difference about the fps increase. And all cases they were lowered with NPAS. Popped in a 2.g so I could set the NPAS to 340fps for the new co2 output. I adjusted the NPAS all the way out as much as possible so I could start low and tweek it up but it shot 410fps and bearly dropped below 380fps through the whole mag. The NPAS is so far out I don't know how its getting gas to the bb... so I tweeked it half way in case id lowered it too much and it was shooting 460fps (as expected..tho not that high) Put in 3.g bb which I was planning to use and it was 390fps. adjusted the NPAS every few shots, to pretty much all the way out(again) and it was sitting at 340fps. The fps didn't drop within limits on a .3g until I had fired the whole mag and reloaded which then had enough gas for about 6 shots. And the recoil (as expected) pretty much bruised my shoulder with practically all the gas going back. The Green gas mag on the all the way out setting on a .2g was at about 270fps first few shots (expected) Am I a bell-end and missing something ridiculously obvious? Is there adjustment on the Mag valve? Many thanks Scott
  11. Any news on this? Seen a few on american websites but nothing about it over here yet.
  12. moonmoose

    hydro dipping

    Would hydro dipping be classed as 2 tone? Granted some dull/dark matt colours and woodland patterns could be excluded.. but if the majority of the rifle was wrapped in blue or white skulls, for arguments sake, is that enough to class as 2 tone? Or would the fact its a pattern and not a solid colour make my question retarded?
  13. So, running an 11.1 lipo in my ares honey badger first destroyed the motor and then stripped the bevel and spur gear. Not bad for 9 mags into its life... I was alternating between 7.4v lipos and the only one 11.1v lipo I own specifically for the badger. it all went wrong on the 11.1v. I have a new motor, a lonex A1. Recommended gears to replace the poopy original ones? Thanks Scott
  14. Followed the american redwolf airsoft on youtube for a while now and they now have a uk based shop (im guessing most of you know this) Very pleased so far. 3 orders in the last few weeks. One made on a sunday turned up tuesday morning, one made on thursday night turned up sat morning (no special posted asked for) and another sunday turning up tuesday. always right. All working products, mint condition packaging as you would expect. Sturdy boxes. Also came with free redwolf uk sales brochure and a madbull product line booklet. Highly recommend by me.
  15. i pop into their shop in Crawley a few times a month. always greeted with a smile.
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