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  1. E&L AK105 still shooting up to the sky with the new barrel, bucking and nub. Guessing dodgy hop unit... Any recommendations for a solid, reasonably priced ak hop unit? 👀

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    2. JinxDuh


      Sadly the Specna one worked but had no way of securing it to the gearbox. Didn’t get the chance to test if bb’s still went skyward but I’ve been eyeing up the Begadi one that’s made for E&L. I’m absolutely in love with their G36 one!

    3. pyromancer6


      Can't go wrong with a Begadi, it's just getting them over here which is the issue really (and the price!)

    4. Colin Allen

      Colin Allen

      The Begadi unit is excellent and delivery is rapid; however, they are not cheap.

      The quality of the Combat Union ones has dropped significantly over the years and I would not buy one anyway as to do so would be making an, admittedly tiny, contribution to funding Putin's war in Ukraine.

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