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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 7 hours

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    Tm Tm Glock 19 brilliant pistol unreal performance, but i just don't play anymore, normal holster marks but other than that perfect 2 mags one slightly extended



  2. Time Left: 6 days and 7 hours

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    Tm m9A1 few normal holster marks hardly used 3 mags 2 silver ones are leaking ,black one is perfect


    Redditch, Worcestershire - GB

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    For sale my M16vn,bought it to give me an option that isn't an ak just dont play anymore! Lightly used, fitted a maple leaf hop rubber its probably not even bedded in yet, nice clean m16 without rails, light an built well shoots well under 350 im sure but i cant recall exact the number Comes with a couple of vn mags an all the original stuff


    Redditch, Worcestershire - GB

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    For sale my E&L ak love it but,i just dont play anymore! Upgraded by Kingdom of Airsoft great gun performs very well an the folding stock is brillaint (not flimsy like other manufacturers) Fps 345,good range an accurate enough for hip firing like your in an 80's action film will come with couple of batteries,3 mids (might have more hidden) an a couple of hi caps


    Redditch, Worcestershire - GB

  5. Mig_eater1

    Cyma Galil

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    Hi all! after a Cyma Galil good condition, perfer within 350fps but not too fussed, will be willing to drive for ages to get it 😆


    Redditch - GB

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    For sale my loved tm ak74 extensively worked on by fire support been upgraded with 350fps an flat hop for throwing .28 or .32 bbs as far as possible! always gets attention due to the sound it makes! Id love to keep it,but i need a some work doing on my car an im not really getting to airsoft so much post lockdown! so its a bit surplus to requirements come with 2 batterys,4 hicaps,ak sling an scopemount with holo. £400 would prefer collection but can be posted



  7. anyone else noticed a drop in the standard of play since lockdown finished? 🤔

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    2. EvilMonkee


      All the more reason to avoid skirmishes and just play themed events


    3. Druid799


      In a word , yes !

    4. Albiscuit


      I would like to try some more themed events, but regular skirmishes at the right place are ok.

      I think some of the frustrations are the varying rules and levels of cockwomblery by players at different sites. There are certainly a few I would rather play at regularly due to decent rules, marshals who are visible and vocal and some I would happily not return to.

      I think I just need to play at the ones I know I like for a bit now and stop the travelling. That being said I will likely be unable to play lots over the coming months due to family and work commitments so slowing down might not be a bad thing

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