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  1. anyone else noticed a drop in the standard of play since lockdown finished? 🤔

    1. Rogerborg


      Little bit.  Some players forgetting about over-shooting, MED, keeping metal pyro low, and limiting rate of fire.  Worse, marshalling of that being somewhat sloppy.


      It feels a bit like holiday rules still apply.


      Hopefully it'll settle down a bit and we'll get some decent weekends in before the scheduled Autumn banning of fun again.

    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      absolutely, indeed was even expecting it.


      all those tensions from being locked up getting vented.


      it'll take a while to stabilise, but tbh it's really put me off the hobby. think my time off made me realise that the problems we all hate in airsoft are never going to change because they're at the whim of the humans who take part.

    3. Albiscuit


      I was thinking about this last night yesterdays enemy team clearly had god mode activated and was noticed by a large percentage of our team , unny there was little to no moaning about our team in the safe zone though.


      And as someone who plays at different sites I also notice the differences between places. Yesterday I got HOSED from really close range, which is within the rules of the site, but wouldnt be allowed in other sites I have played in due to MED for full auto or rules which state no full auto into or out from a structure (which makes sense). Also had a lot of over kill and a hell of a lot of bleeders from yesterdays game, which I dont tend to get in sites with Chrono rules. this place had no chrono and we saw no chrono out in the field with a marshal either.


      Agreed with what you say though, people are over excited to be back out and are taking liberties they wouldnt normally take it seems. Hopefully it does settle down but also depends on the site management. I can see some sites being more on it than others tbh.

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